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Unclean Foods

About five months ago, I started a '30-Day Faith Detox'. While reading the first chapter, the Lord started to give me a bit of understanding about the foods I'd been eating. The author, Laura Harris Smith said, "Your body will be detoxing all day long as you consume each CLEANSING food or drink", which got me to thinking. If fruits and veggies CLEANSE or CLEAN the body, then by default, that would make everything else UNCLEAN. Which also got me to thinking, 'Hey...that means I've been putting unclean food in my body.'

Unclean foods cause weight gain, poor skin, fatigue, and diseases. Hence, explaining why I'd been experiencing the latter all these years. Oh the a-ha of uncleanness. Was it enough to keep me from consuming unclean foods? Not quite. After the 30-days was over, I tried to keep it up. But then fell prey to the one-day-off rule. Needless to say, that one day turned into more that 150 and thus I must begin again. Am I disheartened? A little. But as with any journey, the Lord allowed me to put that in my weight loss rolodex to use...for such a time as this. #herewegoagain

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