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Warfare of the Highest Kind

I’m currently reading ‘Love: The Way of Victory’, which I highly recommend, by Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin, and in it, he told of an account of a mother, whose daughter had been diagnosed with mental retardation and who also suffered from epileptic seizures. She called Dr. Hagin to her home, in hopes that he could pray the situation away. But before he arrived, he was instructed by the Lord to not pray for the child but to tell the mother to say, “Satan, I’m walking in love now. Take your hands off my child!” Surprisingly, the moment she did, her daughter was made well instantly.

The first time I read that I was relieved because I thought about the fact that the mother didn’t have to wait or prove she was walking in love; she simply did it by faith. The minute she made the decision to walk in love, her child’s life was forever changed. That’s when I saw that if we do the same, ours will be too. But then it gets better.

Five years passed and Dr. Hagin (also referred to