• Staci Sweet

Warfare of the Highest Kind

I’m currently reading ‘Love: The Way of Victory’, which I highly recommend, by Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin, and in it, he told of an account of a mother, whose daughter had been diagnosed with mental retardation and who also suffered from epileptic seizures. She called Dr. Hagin to her home, in hopes that he could pray the situation away. But before he arrived, he was instructed by the Lord to not pray for the child but to tell the mother to say, “Satan, I’m walking in love now. Take your hands off my child!” Surprisingly, the moment she did, her daughter was made well instantly.

The first time I read that I was relieved because I thought about the fact that the mother didn’t have to wait or prove she was walking in love; she simply did it by faith. The minute she made the decision to walk in love, her child’s life was forever changed. That’s when I saw that if we do the same, ours will be too. But then it gets better.

Five years passed and Dr. Hagin (also referred to as Brother Hagin) saw the mother again and asked about her daughter. The mother then told Brother Hagin that not only had she not had any more seizures but that her IQ had tremendously improved. But this is what I want you to see.

He asked if during that time if she’d experienced any symptoms to which she told him she had on two occasions. But each time, she told Satan she was walking in love, and each time, the child was instantly made well. That’s when I saw the power of love.

The Power of Love

That mother stood up for her child against Satan, THE MOST POWERFUL EVIL SPIRIT on earth, under earth, and in the heavenlies - with the POWER OF LOVE.

“…God is love.” – 1 John 4:8

That mother took authority over Satan by simply making the decision to walk in love, and that’s when I saw that love is a different kind of warfare. In fact, it’s the highest kind of warfare there is on the planet, under the earth, and in the heavenlies.

When I realized that, my head kinda went tilt because I thought, “How can love be powerful under the earth?” That’s when the Holy Spirit showed that’s how Jesus was able to get out from under there.

Jesus went to hell because He loved us, and God so loved us that He sent His Son to not only die for our sins but to go to hell so that we don’t have to. That means, Jesus went to hell – IN LOVE and FOR LOVE. Let me say that again.

Jesus went to hell in love. Stayed in hell for three days because of His love for us, and was delivered from hell by LOVE HIMSELF.

Therefore, love defeated Satan, the devil, death, and every kind of evil and wicked spirit there is or will ever be on earth, under the earth, and in the heavenlies. That. Is. Powerful. But again, that’s a different type of warfare. In fact, it’s the highest kind, but as Christians, I don’t think we’ve ever seen love in this way.

We thought that when Jesus commanded us to, “…love [our] enemies, [and to] bless those who curse [us, and to] do good to those who hate [us, while at the same time praying] for those who spitefully use…and persecute us…’, we thought we were just going high or being the bigger person. But when put into practice and done properly, what we are actually doing is engaging in the highest form of spiritual warfare there is. #selah

So many times, we thought spiritual warfare was whoopin’ and hollerin’ when in fact, simply walking in “…love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, [and] self-control” is spiritual warfare. Though we appear soft and may look strange to those who aren’t practicing it, it’s combat, nonetheless. It’s only because those who aren’t practicing it (i.e., civilians) don’t understand the true art of war.

So today, on the eve of the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord, go and engage in combat as you remember that by walking in love, you are actually fighting the good fight of faith in a war that can only be won by faith and in love.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I thought love was weak and that to walk in the fruits of the spirit was soft. Please forgive me for thinking like a civilian and not engaging in the type of combat You created me for. Thank You for causing to remember that when I walk in love, I’m walking in the highest authority on the planet that Your Son went to hell to ensure that I could do so, successfully. In Jesus’ name.

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