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What the Execution of Nate Woods Taught Me

Tuesday while scrolling on IG, I saw a post from writer, civil rights activist, and co-founder of the Real Justice PAC1, Shaun King, requesting all hands-on deck to help a death row inmate. Because a part of my call is to pray for the incarcerated, I briefly looked over the post and sought the Lord inwardly. I didn’t have a peace, so I decided that during my next prayer time, I’d intercede.

Wednesday night, after reading up on his case, I prayed but still had no peace. I use the word peace because in the absence of it, it's impossible to have faith, which meant for some reason, I just didn’t have a peace or the faith to believe that he wouldn’t be executed. Thinking I was probably tired, I made it a point to really pray about him Thursday morning. I mean on my knees, in tongues, with a Puffs™ tissue in hand, pray for him. And sure enough, God reminded me of a confession He once gave me:

“Thank You Heavenly Father for anointing the eyes of the Governor and judges to see and their ears to hear the truth.”