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When You Have Nothing But Attention

We’ve all heard about the lame man at the Beautiful Gate. You know the one in Acts 3:1-9 who’d ‘been lame from his mother’s womb’ who was carried to church daily so that he could beg. He, like so many, are in the same situation. Broke, sick and/or unloved. People in these situations tend to think that because they don’t have much, they’re excused from giving and usually seek the help of others. Like this man, they believe they have nothing to give. Yet, the scripture tells us different because it says that he gave them his attention (Acts 3:6).

He didn’t have anything to give but his attention and God used that.

You see so many times, those with a lame mentality tend to pay attention to everything and everyone but God. Their time is usually spent trying to get money or they’re either distracted by social media, television, or wrong relationships. But for some reason, on this day, this man spent some of his time looking at two men of God. And though he expected a gift, God used this as opportunity for him to give, so that he could get what he needed. And the point that I don’t want you to miss is that the only way he would ever receive what he needed was to give. And since the only thing he had at the time was his attention, God used that. #Heissogood

You might be thinking you have nothing. But God can use something as simple as a glance, a look, or your attention to give you what you need.

Stop thinking that you have nothing to give because you do. Start today by giving Him some of your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram time. The time you would spend giving your attention to that, pay attention to His Word either by watching a few YouTube videos, listening to a podcast, reading a few inspirational devotionals or just open your window and lift up your head; above the houses, buildings, and busyness of life and give God your attention. And watch, before long, your health, relationships, and finances will finally rise, walk, leap and actually praise God!

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me for allowing myself to get to the point where I have nothing to give. Please forgive me that all I have is my attention to give. But Lord, I will be faithful in giving You that until and after You get me where You created me to be. In Jesus’ name.

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