• Staci Sweet

Your Season Is Almost Here

‘He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,

that brings forth its fruit in its season, who leaf also shall not wither.’

Psalm 1:3

All that God has for you, all that you’ve asked Him for (that’s in His will for you); even those things that He told you to ask Him for - you will receive, in His timing and in its season. I know that may sound elementary but there may be some reading this now that need to know that just because you asked God for something and it hasn’t happened yet – doesn’t mean that it won’t or that you’ve done something to mess it up.

You see you don’t receive according to when you think you need it; you receive according to when He knows you do. You receive according to your faith and because you’re in faith, you’ll receive according to His timing. You know why? Because if God gave you something every time you had a deadline or every time the enemy pressured you, then God would essentially be serving you and the enemy and excuse my English – but that ain’t evva gonna happen!

Notice the scripture says, ‘..that brings forth its fruit in its season.’ Different fruits come forth in different seasons. My favorite is honey dew but the season for honey dew is Summer which means they’re best in June, July and August. Well, when I’d get ‘em in the fall, they were all funny looking and not so tasty. Why? It wasn’t their time – their season.

Different callings, gifts, and assignments have different seasons. That thing, business, idea, husband, house, or gift that’s been ‘percolating’ and growing in your spirit – it’s not time for it yet. If you were to get it out of season, it wouldn’t look the way you thought or taste as good as it should. Plus your attitude needs some work, you’ve still got some forgiving to do, and you’re about to find out that you’re going to have to let some folk go.

In the meantime, keep growing in grace so that when you do come forth, folk will ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Ps. 34:8); instead of getting a bite out of your dry wit, quick temper, and nasty attitude. Keep believing, be quiet and be encouraged because your season is rapidly approaching.

Pray this with me…

Heavenly Father, help me to be patient. Help me to not question You or go and do my own thing. Lord, I thank You that You are about to bring this thing forth. In Jesus’ name.