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Professional writing for startups, influencers, solopreneurs, and nonprofits.

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Books, online courses, and greeting cards for the homeless. Exit Strategy Consulting for Nonprofits. 

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Crime, Criminals and Redemption

For those deemed unsalvageable, unredeemable, and unworthy of forgiveness...


You Are Not Losing Your Mind – Contrary to popular belief, middle age, for the believer, doesn’t occur until the age of 60. You're Not Losing Your Mind explores long life and aging gracefully, in the eyes of scriptures. Coming soon...


Crime, Criminals and Redemption: What the Bible Says About Crime and Those Who Commit Them is an inmate’s guide to redemption that displays the corrective and rehabilitative heart of God. It gives inmates a glimpse at what God can do for those we deem unsalvageable, unredeemable, and unworthy of forgiveness. Buy now...


Why Did God Give Me Down’s? is the companion children’s book to Down But Not Out: A Message of Hope for Parents Raising Down's Syndrome Rock Stars. It answers the tough questions children may ask about Down’s and helps them understand that God didn’t give them Down’s and that an incremental recovery is possible when they use their childlike faith. Coming soon...


God Please Heal My Baby! Waiting Room Reading for Parents Needing Impossible Faith is an injection of encouragement for parents of sick children. It provides biblical and real-word examples of how God heals both adult children and kids. Buy now...



Down But Not Out: A Message of Hope for Parents Raising Down's Syndrome Rock Stars walks parents through the scriptures where children actually recovered from intellectual disabilities. It teaches parents how to use their mustard seed so that they can see small, incremental changes in their child’s growth and intellectual ability. Coming soon...

Thanksgiving Recovery Journal for Parents Raising Rock Star Kids is the companion book of Down But Not Out: A Message of Hope for Parents Raising Down's Syndrome Rock Stars. It's a thankfulness journal that allows parents to record their child’s small victories so that they can be reminded of and celebrate the tiny breakthroughs when faced with difficulty of Down's. Coming soon...


The Elephant in the Room Series: A Black Woman’s Take on the Constitution and Faith is a must-read racial memoir of how one woman of color questioned her faith in light of race and went on a biblical safari to look the elephant of racism straight in the eye as she uncovers the truth about slavery, immigration, and white supremacy. Coming soon...

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Intentional giving this holiday.

Greeting cards designed exclusively for the homeless...

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