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  • Staci Sweet

Crowded Places

I just finished watching Saturday night Bible Study with Pastor John Hannah, and he was teaching on Luke 2, and he posed the question, “What happens when the wrapping doesn’t match the gift?” As in Jesus was born in a place where His surroundings didn’t match His greatness. As he was teaching, I began to think about those surroundings, and that’s when I saw a tactic of the enemy.

Jesus was born during the time of the census which meant His stepfather, Joseph, and His mother, Mary, had to make their way to Bethlehem, and isn’t it just like the devil to send an overflow of people into the place you’re supposed to be. Think about that for a moment.

The enemy ensured that his people were in the city days before Joseph and Mary arrived. He even tried to make sure that there would be no room for Jesus. But God was like, “Oh, He gone be born here.” And the devil was like, “Where?” and continued to flood the city, and this is what you and I need to see about the enemy today.

Crowded Opportunities

Satan floods places and opportunities, that were meant for us, with lookalikes, substitutes, and imposters so that by the time we get there, it seems as if the opportunity isn’t for us. He does this because he knows how some of us are about crowded spaces. We'll get real ig'nant real quick or be like, "I'm finna go!" And that's what he hoping for.

He's hoping that we'll walk away from the opportunity, in which his replacements are ready and willing to take our place. But should we decide to thug it out, we tend to look at all the people and they seem to be better qualified, better looking, richer, or more talented than we are but yet we know, this is still the place.

I know this to be true for myself because everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere I go, it’s always crowded. Always. No matter what time. No matter where I am, its crowded. But in my spirit, I know I’m supposed to be there. I can tell I’m supposed to be but y’all just up in here. Let me say that again for somebody.

There is some place you’re supposed to be, but folk are just there. Yes, they got there first and yes, they’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing but you’re supposed to be there.