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Direction, Signs, and Restrooms

Last week I attended ‘the nation’s largest faith, film, and family multiday experience1’, MegaFest, hosted by none other than the incomparable Bishop and Lady Jakes; Pastors of one of ‘the largest and most influential churches in America2’, The Potters House. After hearing Pastor and Bestselling Author, Joseph Prince, teach on grace and the love of God, I decided to stay for the Prayer Meeting conducted by John Hannah; a prayer general and Pastor of New Life Covenant Church. On my way out, I headed for the nearest exit, in hopes of using the restroom along the way. As I went down the escalator and walked a few feet, I soon realized there was none and would have to go back up the escalator and thus starts my revelation of why I had to attend.


While walking past attendees who lined the hallways, I realized I saw no SIGNS and such is life. You see, I had to go FIND the place I needed to be which required me to walk. I had to do something, which meant I had to go IN a direction I didn’t know. As I walked, I thought it was odd that I hadn’t seen any SIGNS of encouragement, support, or signs that what I was doing really mattered. I saw a MEN'S RESTROOM sign (those who were doing the same thing and had already found their place of success) which brought a sigh of relief because usually they’re side-by-side. But as I continued to walk, I noticed no WOMEN'S RESTROOM SIGN, which meant I’d have to keep going...and such is life. I’d have to keep walking, keep working and doing the right thing without the success and support of others. I had to keep walking by faith and not by sight, even when the SIGNS were few and far between.

I kept walking in search of where I needed to be. I needed to use the bathroom which ironically is called a RESTROOM and symbolically is a place of REST; the place I was looking for, the place I needed to be in order to go where I needed to be next. I came out relieved (literally). Thankful that I’d found this place of rest because it might be awhile before I FOUND where I needed to be next. When I came out of the RESTROOM, I had to make yet another quick decision; either go LEFT or RIGHT - literally.


LEFT was the direction I’d already gone through which can also represent my PAST. I was familiar with LEFT. I knew where LEFT led. Sure, it was out of the way and I’d once again have to watch those who’d already found their place of success, but I knew that way. I was familiar with that EXIT. On the other hand, RIGHT was the direction I knew nothing about. I hadn’t gone this way before. I didn’t know where it led. So, before I knew it, I headed LEFT. But then I soon realized that though I knew this way, if I continued to GO BACK, in this direction, in the direction of my PAST, I’d be going out of the way and would soon have to double back and cover the same territory I’d already conquered. Yeah, it looked and felt different because I was headed back from a different direction and sure, I’d see those same people, making a difference and impacting lives, but that would mean I’d have to start over – again…at 46. In that moment, I now see that was God course correcting and giving me the direction I was asking for. Which meant I was faced with yet another decision; was I going to keep going BACK to my PAST or was I going to go RIGHT? Literally.


The RIGHT direction was figuratively and literally the RIGHT direction. Though it was unknown to me and because I’d not gone that way before, it was still the RIGHT way to go nonetheless. So I did what I did not want to do and headed in the RIGHT direction, which ultimately led me to an escalator; God’s way of quickly transporting me to my next level, my exit. Which once again, happened to be…to the right. As I exited the building, I continued to walk RIGHT. I continued to not get high, turn up, and abstain from lusting after the powerful men who ironically attended ManPower™. As I did, I knew I was headed in the right direction. How did I know? I saw yet another SIGN, literally an ARROW, that directed me to my destination.


When I woke up this morning to pray, I was reminded of my daily prayer and confession. I almost always ask God for direction and confess John 16:13. As I walked the floor this morning, drinking my coffee, I saw that He always does. John 16:13 says, ‘…when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth’. For so long, I’d been confessing that the Holy Spirit is guiding me. But as I mature spiritually, I see that’s not the problem. The problem is that though He does, I have to follow. He was guiding me to the RESTROOM, my place of rest and success, as well as guiding me to my EXIT, out of my past, problem and into my next level. But I had to make the decision to FOLLOW His guidance. And so do you. God is always guiding you to the truth and providing you with the direction you need to get to your EXIT; out of your problem and into your next level. But like me, you too need to make the decision to stop going back to your PAST which includes past relationships, comfort zones, circumstances, feelings, and way of doing things. Stop going in the direction that you know and start following the spirit of truth which is sometimes hard, ugly, and unknown.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me for the times You were course correcting me and I wouldn’t follow. I repent and ask You to please forgive me for continuously going in the direction of my past. Thank You that I am now following Your Spirit in the direction of truth and will find my place of rest. In Jesus’ name. Confess this with me: ‘…the Spirit of truth is guiding me into all truth and I am following!’ And now…

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