• Staci Sweet

Flip Flop Giving

A few years ago, I was in downtown Dallas when I noticed a woman selling a newspaper that only the homeless sell in an effort to get off the streets. I could sense in my spirit that she was struggling with both her approach and her off the cuff story. But me wanting to be holier-than-thou, ignored my spirit, gave her the money and walked off.

Feeling as if I should do more, I ran back and gave her the flip flops I was wearing because I noticed she only wore white socks. Soon after, I jumped on the bus and oh how holy I felt. Oh how God must be looking downeth on me and smiling because I had doneth this good deed. But I could sense in my spirit something wasn’t right; so I prayed and asked God about it.

As I replayed the scene in my head, I remembered that her socks weren’t dingy at all; in fact, they looked brand new. I remembered how after she had gotten the money, she looked across the street at this dude that looked as if he’d sicced her on me. The more I thought about it, the more upset I became because I only had four pair of shoes (2 flip flops, 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of sneakers) to my name and the flip flops I’d given her were my nicest pair. So I thought ‘Man, I gave her my good flip flops for nothin’?

I tried to feel better by telling myself how ‘I would give the shoes off my feet to a perfect stranger in need’ but the Spirit of the Lord checked me and spoke to my Spirit and said that HE would do that – not me! Even though I was upset about her pretending to be in need, HE wanted her to experience HIS LOVE because she needed to know that someone would do that and by His grace, He used me.

I wasn’t supposed to give her my flip flops. I gave them to her because she ‘looked like’ she needed them, not because the Holy Spirit led me to. Yet God still used my mistake. I say this to you, don’t give just because someone ‘looks like’ they need it. Be led in your giving so that you too won’t give away your good flip flops!

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me for the times I've given just because someone 'looked like' they needed it and not because You placed it on my heart to do so. Will You please teach me how to be led by Your Holy Spirit in my giving? I thank You for it - in Jesus' name.

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