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Komen Race for the Cure

So I didn't find out about the Komen Race for the Cure until last night. Woke up at 3:47am, prayed and listened to the Word until after 5am. Dozed off and woke up again at 7:52am; 8 minutes before the race. Knowing that I had no time to make it to starting line, neither did I intend to, I quickly put on my sneakers, left my hair in plaits, and got on the treadmill to virtually support the cause. Mind you I have a 5k on my Vision Board. But my intention is to jog a 5k. Didn't know that God would let me walk one this morning...virtually.

Yesterday, during the report, I heard a snippet of a speech keynote Eric Stonestreet give about the race that caught my attention. He said that it wasn't just about finding the cure, but managing the disease while still being able to live a productive life. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Because you can become cynical and think, 'After all these years and with all that money, y'all still haven't found a cure?' But as I've learned, God doesn't always heal in a moment. Sometimes the cure comes in the process of time.  

Healing Takes Time