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Tap In!

One day I was looking out my window when a raven, a biblically unclean bird, came and perched on the phone line. I jokingly told him to go to the trash bin where he could find a whole host of goodies. Now I realize, my dear reader, you may be asking yourself why would I speak to a bird? But lest I remind you, as I did myself, that Jesus said, “…the birds of the air…neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns [but] my heavenly Father feeds them…” (Matthew 6:26), which at the time I needed a reminder of how He would do the same for me. Yet somehow, in that moment, God revealed that He didn’t give that ability to the enemy, He gave it to His children. And in a split second, I saw what He meant.

You see, as Christians, we tend to believe that witches, warlocks and sorcerers are the only ones that have supernatural ability, access, or power to speak, see, morph, and change things. As such, we’ve kinda just left that knowledge, and those abilities…over there…for them…mistakenly believing they’re the only ones who can cause such things to happen or operate in the the supernatural. But that’s when God reminded me of Jesus and how….

1. He spoke to the fig tree.

2. When He walked on the water.

3. When He spoke to the hurricane-like winds.

4. When He turned dirt into an eye, and…

5. When He turned five loaves and two fish into enough food that fed thousands.

That wasn’t some wizard…that was Jesus! Yet when it comes to us needing something seemingly impossible, we tend to believe we can do nothing about it. Like we can’t speak to the birds, fig trees and storms in our own lives.

We ignorantly believe that we have to depend on some horoscope to tell us what the day holds or talk to some psychic in order to know who’s coming down the road.

But God never intended for spiritists, witches, and the like to be the only ones to have that ability. Jesus said that, ‘…the Spirit of truth [would] guide [us] into all truth…and…tell [us] things to come.’ (John 16:13) Not some medium or spiritual advisor yielding to familiar spirits.

And yes, there will be times when your horoscope is spot on and some medium gives you some great advice. But you need to learn how to tap into the spirit of God and learn how to walk on the watery situations in your own life. You have to learn how to speak to your own storms and turn your own two fish basket into a successful business. That’s an ability God has given us. Not just to those yielding to wrong spirits. We have the same spirit of God residing in us as Jesus did, which means we should be able to tap into the kingdom of God and receive all we need. And though it may look and feel a little Hollywoodish at times, God still wants us to tap into the supernatural and believe Him for the impossible. Again, He gave that ability to us. We just need to be bold and courageous enough to tap in.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I have stayed away from the supernatural because I believed what I saw on television. I didn’t think it was from You but Lord, You allowed Jesus to flow in it, so I’m asking You to teach me what I need to know about it so that I can operate in it, for Your glory. In Jesus’ name.

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