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  • Staci Sweet

Cainish Russia and Lil Brother Ukraine

On the morning of March 12th, 2022, as I drank my first cup of coffee, I decided to see what was on YouTube® and in my feed was Flashpoint, a faith-based political program that discusses how prophesy and current events align. The most recent broadcast was about the war in Ukraine, so I decided to watch. As I did, Christian New York Bestselling author, Eric Metaxes said something that though I thought I knew, in this moment in time it started to make sense. He said that God blessed the United States to be a blessing to other nations. And though he didn’t say it, I took that to mean, that since God has blessed our nation to hold over 33% of the world’s wealth[1] along with holding the most military power, God expect us to both share and defend.

“…to whom much is given, from him much will be required…”

Luke 12:48

In the grand scheme of things, we’ve done relatively well…on certain occasions. And not saying our nation is sinless or has shared the wealth, provided aid or defended everyone perfectly. But for the most part, we have done our share. But this is what he said that got my attention.

He said that the U.S. talked the Ukraine out of its nuclear weapons and have used them ever since. The using part is what caught my attention because I knew nothing about the Budapest Memorandum. I thought he was merely talking about when former President Trump asked President Zelenskyy to investigate President Biden’s son. But if in fact, we used the Ukraine after talking them out of their nuclear weapons with the Budapest Memorandum, could this be our moment of redemption? A moment of redemption in the sense that since they are now under attack, is God now giving us, the US, the opportunity to repent?

I use the word repent because repentance is a part of redemption, in the sense what if God is giving our redemptive President, the opportunity to act out repentance by defending the Ukrainians against the Russians? Or would God even require something like that? And if not defend the Ukrainians, would the record-breaking sanctions be enough to actually honor our word that we supposedly broke in the Budapest Memorandum or does the agreement and God require military action? Let’s explore this further.

When I read an overview of the Budapest Memorandum, it called for Ukraine to decommission its weapons in exchange for ‘$2.5 billion in ‘gas and oil debt cancellation and future supplies of fuel for its nuclear power reactors.’ [1] Over the years, the US ‘doubled economic aid.’ [2] After reading the agreement, what I gathered was that it appears that Ukraine gave up its powerful nuclear capability in exchange for debt cancellation and economic aid.